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People trust me to guide them on how to transform their lives. I can't imagine anything more touching, elevating, fun, and exciting in the whole world!

I was born in Hungary with the gifts of heightened intuition, awareness of energy, and a never-ceasing thirst for growth. Change and transformation come to me naturally, and so does leadership.

My years in Germany taught me resilience, the mastery of creating efficient structures, discipline, excellent driving skills, and the love of no speed limits and pretzels with Bavarian Obatzda.

After serving as a C-level executive, I found my calling as an executive and transformational coach in 2006. Since then, I've completed multiple coaching training programs in the EU and the US and became versed in organizational development and leadership training. After moving to California, I received formal and advanced training in meditation and its instruction, mindfulness, and energy work. As a coach, I enjoy combining coaching tools with meditation and working with the subtle energy body for expedited personal growth and major shifts in my clients' lives.  

I have a passion for conscious living, delicious food and great books, efficiency, martial and other arts, the American Southwest, German cars, and Hungarian folk dance.

I would be honored to have the opportunity to serve your growth, balance, and career success, optimize your personal energy management, or help you with whatever keeps you up at night.

Eva Farkas Transformational Coach
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