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Complimentary Coaching Session with Eva

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Meet Eva

Eva Farkas has a great smile!

It clicked immediately, and finally all my struggles as a leader made sense! Wherever I showed up, whichever job I took, change and transformation just happened without me intentionally focusing on it, causing paradigm shifts, challenging the status quo and urging people out of their comfort zone.

What seemed like a curse became a gift once I understood and embraced my talent, learned how to use it consciously, and put it to work in order to serve others.

As a coach, I learned to listen truly and deeply, to hear my client’s fears, longings, underlying needs, to understand the silence. I became versed to ask the right questions at the right time, to get myself out of the way, and to adjust the transformational power which comes as a natural part of my personality. I found the role where my change catalyst nature serves a higher purpose.

I refined my skills and myself through an intense psychodrama course of 3 years, became an organizational developer and leadership trainer, and served as a management consultant in Europe, Canada and the USA. I am a meditation practitioner and teacher, offering coaching and meditation combos for profound results. Always on the lookout for opportunities to evolve myself, I learned scuba diving to overcome my hydrophobia. Martial arts training is an excellent tool for me to learn balance and control, and I found the courses in software development and the Scrum Master certification helpful to understand the mindset of my clients in Silicon Valley.

My youngest client was 16, the oldest 78. Focusing mainly on women, I am offering global services in English, German and Hungarian.  My coaching and organizational development business is based in San Francisco Bay Area - California.  

What can I do for you?

While serving as the CMO for an international retailer in 2005, I went for a coach certificate to learn how to become an even better executive. Although I delivered outstanding results, I felt something was off. My Senior Master Coach observed me for a while during my formal coach training and gave me feedback I will never forget: “Eva, with you change always comes inevitably, this is just the way you are.”

"If you are ready for lasting change and deep transformation, I am your coach." 

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