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Years back I was learning coding and wanted to create a website for my coaching services.  I was messing around for hours with a basic workflow design in a PowerPoint document without making much progress.  Finally, pretty frustrated about my own inefficiency, I gave up and sat down to meditate for about 30 minutes.  The meditation was a relief: it helped me to let go of my stuck ideas and cleared my mind.  After finishing, I was not only able to come up with the website structure, but I coded the first version in 30 minutes!  What a difference!       


In the Silicon Valley, some of today’s most successful tech company founders and leaders meditate regularly, however meditation was practiced by humanity for thousands of years. 

Woman Gazing into a Canyon Enveloped in Blue Mist As the Moon Peaks Out Over the Horizon

"Meditation:  Because some answers can only be found on the Inner Net."

       – Shira Tamir

Meditation is stilling the mind and finally stopping thought.  Nothing more, nothing less.  And it works!

It’s an excellent tool to foster creativity, improve your ability to focus and work under pressure, it helps with making grounded decisions, speeds up learning, enhances your memory and self-awareness, and change relationships for the better. Basically, it gives your life a whole new quality and it’s fun!  Oh, one more thing: there is nothing like enhancing only your life.  If you feel better, your friends and family feel better. If your friends and family feel better, your community feels better.  We are all connected.          


I am teaching meditation as a tool for business excellence in executive coaching and offering coaching / meditation combos for companies, individual clients, and as public courses on demand.  Let me know if you are interested!


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